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The Student Scout and Guide Organisation (SSAGO) is a non-uniformed organisation that enables you to continue or begin your Scouting or Guiding whilst at College or University.

As a National Organisation we have clubs at over 40 colleges and universities across the United Kingdom. Where no club exists there is the chance to either start your own or join the organisation as an Independent Member.

SSAGO clubs generally meet at least once a week during term time with activities being broadly classified into three categories: adventure, social and community. SSAGO also provides a link to local Scouting and Guiding to enable members to continue or begin working within their section whilst at university.

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SSAGO is open to all students at higher education establishments in the UK.

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SSAGO clubs exist all across the UK:

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Gilwell 24

Every year, volunteers from SSAGO assist at Gilwell 24, a 24-hour event for Explorer Scouts and Senior Section Guides between the 8th to 10th July 2016. This is an opportunity to help out at a large event, get to meet lots of new people and to spread the exciting word of SSAGO!

08 Jul

17 Aug

Witan 2016

18 Nov

Space Rally

17 Feb

Best of British Rally